Closed Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Poplar Creek Bowl

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Head to head competition in this handicap league. Teams can be any combination of men and women. 4 Games a week. Sanctioned

Craft Beer/Seltzer

Must be 21 or older to join this league. All bowlers receive 2 craft beers per week plus samples of special beers throughout the season. No bowling on July 4. 3 games a week.

Pro Shop League

Ay combination of men or women. Bowlers receive a certificate worth $165 to use in the New Approach Pro Shop. Now bowling on May 29 or July 3. 3 games a week.

Challenge Doubles

Bowl on a different challenging condition each week. Bowlers receive “Challenge Bucks” at the end of the season for food and drink. Bowler with high average will receive $50 cash/scholarship. No bowling on May 29 or July 3. 4 games a week.

Senior 9 Pin No Tap Mixed

Bowl 9 pin no tap style (9pins down on 1st ball means it’s a strike). Prize money at season’s end. No bowling on May 29, 2023. 3 games a week.


Once a Month


Registration Dates Aug 20th, 21st, 27th, 28th