Head to head competition in this handicap league. Teams can be any combination of men and women. 4 Games a week. Sanctioned

Adult/Child Sport

Must have at least one youth and one adult bowler on each team. Bowlers learn to adjust to different lane patterns. Scholarship money awarded to youth bowlers at the end of the season. 3 games a week.

Craft Beer/Seltzer

Must be 21 or older to join this league. All bowlers receive 2 craft beers per week plus samples of special beers throughout the season. No bowling on July 4. 3 games a week.

Pro Shop League

Ay combination of men or women. Bowlers receive a certificate worth $165 to use in the New Approach Pro Shop. Now bowling on May 29 or July 3. 3 games a week.

Challenge Doubles

Bowl on a different challenging condition each week. Bowlers receive “Challenge Bucks” at the end of the season for food and drink. Bowler with high average will receive $50 cash/scholarship. No bowling on May 29 or July 3. 4 games a week.

Senior 9 Pin No Tap Mixed

Bowl 9 pin no tap style (9pins down on 1st ball means it’s a strike). Prize money at season’s end. No bowling on May 29, 2023. 3 games a week.